For the Love of Language

Oh my oh my, what a mess we have gotten ourselves into. What happened to our language? Where has the love of linguistics gone? Or just the love of language in general? Granted there are some languages better left unspoken, but what of the English language? Probably one of the hardest languages to learn, not only because of all the exceptions to the rules there are, but because there are so many rules in general! For someone who has never even spoken the language before, how are they supposed to know what the difference between when a silent letter is supposed to be used, or when the exception applies in spelling a word or formatting a sentence.

I’m not saying I am the best at grammar, or giving excuses as to why English is a filthy language. However it is only a filthy language because we made it a filthy language. We went from constructing sentences with admirable jargon and speaking with fluent class to being so apathetic as to replace whole sentences with the remnants of what was. We’ve gone from saying “Where are you right now?” To “Ware u at” spelling words wrong, or not at all. Now we are going into an age where we converse with what are basically hieroglyphics.

We talk with such a harsh tone, choppy and not even completing our sentences most of the times. You would think with the internet being as big as it is now, the power of knowledge in the palm of your hand, an answer to any question you could want crowd sourced by other beings of similar, if not greater, intellect. Unfortunately we aren’t even using this technology to determine if we used the correct use of the word “your” or “whom”. I would say on the topic of the internet we should all be rocket scientists currently education ourselves on quantum mechanics and relativity, but that is for another time.

So by those terms if the internet isn’t at fault what could possibly be the reason in the decline of our language? Shall we blame it on the lack of reading actual books? Seeing as sentence structure and complete word usage is constant I would say neigh (pun intended). I would blame the invention of instant messaging. A grand idea, a quick way to send information from one biological being to another. Over the years it has gone from basically writing a small email to writing in shorthand hieroglyphics and incomplete sentences which has then in turn leaked into our every day endeavours.

Clearly not everyone is taking part in this language genocide, but I see it enough to conclude that it causes the millennial generation (my generation) to be perceived as nonchalant and simple. With this being said, every generation older than your current generation sees your generation as a wreck and lost cause. Can you believe it was once thought a group of people reading by the fireplace was seen as poor social behaviour because they though you should be taking part in conversation? I can, because we still do that today, just with smaller books that illuminate our faces.

There is nothing wrong with using slang or being casual with someone, but keep casual in casual context and present yourself in a professional, intelligent way when it comes to others viewing your work. Also, don’t take offence to someone correcting you on your grammar usage, we only try to help make the language world a better place. Something as simple as spelling out words and completing sentences can change the flow of conversation for the better. If we slip up, correct us because that’s how you learn, nobody is perfect but we can get close.

We live in the golden age of communication, yet we seemingly have the lack of ability to communicate effectively.




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