Human Mechanicalism

Humans as a race are a very interesting species. We are a species that rely on habits, doing the same thing every day the same way. We go to work the same way, we come home the same way, wake up at the same time, and go to bed the same way sleeping on the same side. Nothing must change or we start to freak out. Because of this we make plans around when we do things or go places when we know it’s not crowded because we don’t want the stress of traffic.

What do I mean by human mechanicalism? Turns out mechanicalism is not a word because every time I type the word it has red squiggles under it so I might as well define it myself. Human mechanicalism is the rut we are all in, the rut that all humans are prone to get into, the auto pilot we take in conversations and out careers.

The other day I had a tire blow on my truck, very inconvenient to have happen. Ruined my plans for the rest of the day. Granted it was the end of the day, but I still had plans. Now it is going to still effect me because I have to get my tire fixed and put my spare back under the truck. It effects my finances because I now have to budget for not just one tire, but four new ones to balance out the ware and look of all the tires. Because of human mechanicalism I wasn’t prepared for this. The rut we base out lives, that I base my life upon has been changed for the next couple months. That dinner at Texas de Brazil will have to wait because of a tire.

Here’s a really interesting part of this. The auto pilot we use in conversations. I really noticed this whilst working in retail, constantly talking to customers and hearing their responses. I say “Hello, how are you doing today?” and they might reply back with something like “Oh no you are fine”. or I might say “Finding everything okay?” and in return get “No thank you” Then proceed to ask them what it is they are looking for, but then they snap back into reality an correct themselves. How about those weird voices we use when talking over the phone to an unknown caller as opposed to a family member or friend? We don’t realize we are doing it, yet we automatically go to these words and voice types. Very odd indeed if I do say so myself.

So what can we do? Well as a self aware species I would hope to come to a conclusion, and I have! BE MORE SELF AWARE! Take a different way home from work, listen to a different radio station on the way home, or actually listen to people when they speak to you, and if you didn’t understand them ask them to repeat. Don’t just assume they said something else, because that doesn’t just happen at the grocery store. Expect the unexpected and don’t get completely rocked if something happens. I know it’s hard being human, but you can’t change that now so get used to it.



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