Solution to the Grandfather Paradox

Hello. If you are a future child of mine please don’t kill me. If you are my past self, please disregard this and read no further. If you have hyperlinked through other dimensional means PLEASE GO AWAY. I don’t want you opening some sort of worm hole that devours our very existence into an unknown abyss. Now that we got the delicacies straightened out I would like to share my solution to the grandfather paradox.

The whole idea of the grandfather paradox is asking the question what would happen if you went back in time to kill your grandfather, or maybe kill is to harsh of a word for you. How about just preventing your grandfather and grandmother from ever meeting. Maybe switching out a plane ticket? Taking his car apart so the first time he would have seen her, it just doesn’t happen. Somehow making it so one or both of your parents were never born. So if this was the case, how could you exist?

Well there are actually a couple ways to explain this. The first including the multiverse theory. Basically this says there is more than one universe, including ones that are parallel to ours except with one minor difference. Maybe it was a world where everything was the same, but you had something else to eat for breakfast that day. Literally every choice in life that you have, there is another universe designed for you making the other choice. That goes the same for everyone else in the world.  Some of which are very minor, but what if Hitler never came to power? What if whoever shot John F. Kennedy missed? All these events major or minor happened the opposite way in another universe.

So what does the multiverse theory have to do with time travel? Well once you go back in time you are not in your own universe anymore. It may look like yours, but the one difference is that you are there. If you decided to not to prevent your parent/parents from ever being born, you would be able to see yourself grow up. Some people believe that if you prevent your birth you would disappear. How can you disappear from existence when you are already in existence? You exist. There is no changing that fact unless you take the very life from your body. You have been created and if you fiddle with that creation, you just prevent another you from existing.

Here is a visual aid.


You have your grandparents meeting point, your parents birth, and then the time you have traveled back. The red line indicates where you don’t travel and the diagonal line indicates where you do travel in relation to the universe/timeline.

However this is all going to be apart of the multiverse theory as well as the theory of time travel. So I got to thinking, if you take the multiverse theory out of the equation how would the whole going back in time work. Well first off you have to realize time is relative, extremely relative and is tied to gravity. People that orbit the earth, are technically younger then when they would be had they not left earth. Very intriguing thing to think about, space people age slower than earth people.

So now lets figure out how to get back in time without jumping universes. In order to do this we need to go faster than light. Why? Because light is time itself. Light from the sun takes eight minutes to get to earth, so when you look at the sun you are seeing the sun eight minutes in the past. So the further you go, the longer light will take to get to you. The edge of the universe is, roughly, 45 billion light years away. But you probably don’t want to go that far back.

Say you want to go back in time 10 years. The light, the very time of this earth is not current everywhere in the universe. So once we achieve faster than light speed, or achieve this by the use of a worm hole, we need to go 10 light years away from earth in a very short period of time. Since the light from the earth is just now reaching this point from 10 years ago current earth time you have now achieved time travel to the past. Only problem with this is you now have no effect over the earth. You are so far away your presence doesn’t even matter. The only way I can currently think to nullify this is to achieve faster than light speed without the consequences of relativity. As I write this I came to the conclusion that using a wormhole or tear is space would be useless because going back the light from earth would go back to being current unless you use some sort of “warp drive” to keep your time current within the “bubble” of your spacecraft.

As an unfinished thought I end my solutions to the grandfather paradox. Using time space to your advantage can also be a disadvantage. Maybe there is something I left out or something that wasn’t quite on point. That is why this is an exhaust of my mind. Meant to rummage through the thoughts and see what comes out, confusing or not it makes sense to me.



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